General Counsel / Corporate Secretary, Stedelijk Museum

“Sometimes different parties have different expectations”

For me, it’s also important to work for an organisation that facilitates connection. The museum does this by promoting the connection between art and the public.

The process of forming connections can be challenging. And this applies even more so to the process of maintaining connections. The expectations about the connection may be widely divergent or there may be several connections that all expect or require something different. Sometimes different parties have different expectations. As executive and supervisory board secretary, I have to find a middle ground that promotes the shared interests and mutual agenda. I am there as an adviser, but I am also involved in the various administrative relationships. When expectations diverge: say, for example, there is a difference of opinion between the executive and supervisory boards, it is essential to make prompt, transparent decisions and to communicate clearly with everyone concerned. This may create a (temporary) rift in the connection. The lesson I have learned from this is, make sure you communicate clearly and transparently!

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