Reputation management is all about taking the interests of all your stakeholders to heart and assuming responsibility for your actions towards society.


These basic principles made us decide to postpone our Expert Event that was scheduled for 16 November. While everyone is being urged to work from home, it would be inappropriate to host such a large work-related gathering, no matter how disappointing it was to cancel it. Houthoff had prepared an exciting line-up of speakers with impressive expertise and experience to share new and enriching insights with our guests. Hopefully we will have the opportunity to organise this again soon. Until then, you can learn more about reputation management from the information in this magazine.

We are grateful that so many guests and speakers were willing to join us for an enlightening afternoon and engage in an open dialogue. Also, many thanks to the participants in the round table sessions that we hosted earlier this year to prepare for this event.

We wish our friends at Dutch National Opera & Ballet, who worked so hard to help us organise the event, the best of luck during the period ahead. And of course, we wish the same to you, dear reader, wherever you are.

We look forward to seeing you soon. In the meantime, stay safe.

Elisabeth Houtman
Head of Marketing